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Learn Chess From the Champions

Discover excellence in chess education at ChessEvolve Academy! Our coaches are Grandmasters and Women Grandmasters, guaranteeing your child learns the game with precision and the right mindset. With their strategic brilliance, your little chess prodigy will thrive and develop a solid foundation for future success. Join ChessEvolve today to witness their remarkable evolution in chess!

Meet our Coaches

Our coaches are top professional chess players in their careers. That's why they know what to learn and how to learn to achieve that level.

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Students Highlights

Our Students stay strong in National and state tournaments

What We Offer

At ChessEvolveAcademy, we offer small group online chess classes for all levels. Our coaches are professional GMs, WGMs, FMs with years of experience. Join us and take your game to the next level!

At ChessEvolve Academy, our small group classes provide an intimate and focused learning environment. Each 60-minute online session, capped at 10 students, ensures personalized attention. With an average of 4 to 8 students per class, our experienced coaches can tailor their teaching to each student's needs, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning experience that enhances chess skills and strategies.

At ChessEvolve Academy, we regularly host online tournaments, including both USCF rated and practice games. These tournaments are an excellent opportunity for chess players to apply their skills in a competitive setting. We highly encourage our students to participate, as these tournaments are pivotal in practicing and reinforcing the lessons learned in classes, contributing significantly to their chess journey and growth.

Our day camps are perfect for young chess enthusiasts on school holidays. These camps blend hours of enriching chess lectures with practical game sessions, all led by our Grandmaster (GM) and Woman Grandmaster (WGM) coaches. These camps not only enhance chess knowledge but also provide an exciting and engaging way for students to spend their free days, immersing themselves in the world of chess.

Seminars and Events

Our academy periodically hosts seminars and fireside chat events, creating a platform for discussion on intriguing chess-related topics. These events are not just about learning advanced techniques but also about delving into the deeper aspects of the game, including its history, famous players, and evolving strategies. These seminars and events provide an enriching experience, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of chess among our community members.

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