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Welcome to ChessEvolve Academy!

We are an online chess academy specializing in small-group coaching led by experienced GM or WGM coaches. Our focus is on providing professional skill training to budding chess enthusiasts, fostering a strong foundation and a positive mindset crucial for their future growth. Our meticulously crafted classes cater to individuals of all ages and proficiency levels, empowering them to elevate their chess skills and achieve their utmost capabilities..

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About Us

At ChessEvolve Academy, we hold a steadfast belief in the significance of a strong foundational knowledge for children's learning journeys. To ensure this vital foundation, we've brought in the most esteemed coaches from the world of chess. Our priority is to provide your child with an education that resonates with their unique learning stage. Through tailored classes designed to suit various developmental phases, we foster an environment where each child can thrive at their own pace.

In pursuit of excellence, all of our classes are exclusively led by our accomplished team of professional coaches. This ensures that your child receives the guidance and expertise of seasoned individuals who are dedicated to nurturing their chess skills.

Moreover, we're dedicated to creating a positive and enriching learning environment for every child. We understand that a supportive atmosphere is essential for fostering a lifelong love of learning. Thus, our academy is not only a place of chess education but also a nurturing space where your child can explore, grow, and discover the exciting world of chess in an encouraging setting.

Our Curriculum

Designed for players with little to no experience

Our beginner classes are perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of chess. We cover all the basics, including how the pieces move, basic openings, and common tactics. Our coaches provide personalized feedback and guidance to help students build a strong foundation for their chess game.

Designed for players improving their rating

Our intermediate classes are designed to take students to the next level in their chess journey. We cover more advanced topics, such as strategy, positional play, and endgame theory. Our coaches work closely with students to help them refine their skills and develop their own unique playing style.

Designed for competitive players trying to be the best

Step into the world of advanced chess with our expert-led classes. Designed for those hungry to elevate their game, our advanced classes propel students to new heights in their chess journey. Delving into intricate strategies, advanced tactics, and the nuances of endgame theory, this program is the ultimate stepping stone for dedicated chess players.

Coach Sabina

Our Coaches

WGM Sabina Foisor


GM Elshan Moradiabadi

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WGM Lan Yao

WGM Sabina Foisor

Intermediate, Advanced Class Coach

Sabina is a Romanian-American chess player, born to a chess family with both her parents being International Masters. She learned to play chess at around 4 years old and soon after started competing in national and international competitions. She won numerous national titles in both Romanian and European championships in her age category. She was awarded the title of Woman Grandmaster in 2007 and a year later she received a full scholarship to go to college in the United States. She holds a BA in Modern Language and Linguistics and has a Masters in Intercultural Communication from UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County). Starting with 2010, Sabina has been a part of USA's Women Olympic Chess Team at five consecutive Olympiads (2010-2018) and four Women's World Team Championships (2013-2019). Her biggest achievement to date is winning the US Women’s Championship in 2017. Aside from playing chess professionally, Sabina has been coaching players of all levels for the past nine years. In 2020, together with Grandmaster Elshan Moradiabadi, she co-authored the book : “Sherlock’s Method” which is meant as a working tool for club players who seek an overarching way to train themselves before tournaments.

Over the past 10 years Sabina has been teaching private students and has been a Resident Grandmaster at the Saint Louis Chess Club on various occasions. In recent years she has also been focusing on commentary as well and has served as a journalist and social media coordinator for various events, including a couple of legs of the Grand Chess Tour.

GM Elshan Moradiabadi

Intermediate, Advanced Class Coach

Born and raised in Iran, Elshan’s passion for teaching and coaching chess stems from his own experience as a child learning the game during a time when chess was banned. With few resources and little mentorship, he always sought out guidance and is now dedicated to giving others the opportunities and instruction he did not have. Elshan’s mission is to inspire others to think critically, instill a sense of purpose, and ultimately change life outcomes for people who are motivated to improve their situation. Through his chess coaching and teaching, Elshan takes joy in seeing others grow and “connect the dots” when they understand new concepts on the chessboard.

Elshan’s reputation in the chess world extends beyond his coaching and teaching abilities. He was awarded Chess Journalist of the Year in 2022, partly due to his contributions to Chess Life Magazine, where he shares his insights and analysis with a wider audience. He is also the co-author of Sherlock’s Method, a popular chess book for players aiming to increase their rating from around 1700 OTB to 2300+. Elshan’s passion for the game is not limited to his coaching and writing; he is also a fierce competitor. In 2022, he co-won the US Open and played in the US Championship for the second time (he also played in the US Championship in 2020), further cementing his position as one of the top players in the country. Whether he is teaching, coaching, writing, or playing, Elshan’s dedication to chess is unparalleled.

In addition to his extensive chess experience, Elshan Moradiabadi has a strong academic background. He holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on information systems, statistics, and economics, and a traditional MBA, both from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. He also holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. Elshan has also taught at Texas Tech University and has coached various teams, including Iran’s world youth team, the University of Toronto chess team, and the Papua and New Guinea team. Elshan is fluent in English, Farsi (his native language), Kurdish, and has intermediate proficiency in Arabic.

WGM Lan Yao

Intermediate, Advanced Class Coach

Two-times British Women’s Champions
No.1 female player in Britain
Silver board medal at the European Club Cup
Bronze board medal at the European Team Championship
Champion of the Chinese Youth Chess Championship
Part of the top 6 contenders in two World Youth Chess Championships for G16 and G18
Bachelor’s degree in history at UCL
Master’s degree in education at UCL
FIDE Trainer, with more than 8 years of chess coaching experience
Currently teaching chess in primary and secondary schools in London as well as
private lessons

Coach Elshn
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